Feb 27 2014

Say hello to Kaveh Mousavia

Freethoughtblogs has a new addition, Margin of Error, by an Iranian atheist. His first post is up; it’s a general critique of Islam.

First day here and he’s already writing stuff that could get him jailed or worse in his home country.


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    Kaveh Mousavi

    Thank you very much PZ, I feel very honored to be here. I didn’t have an opportunity to thank you personally before.

  2. 2

    Welcome Kaveh. The more, the merrier!

  3. 3

    welcome km! looks like you’re just in time to check out the long awaited and newly uploaded sean carroll / william lane craig debate (which i’d missed and am just now cuing up to watch)

    2014 greer-heard forum


    concluding comments

  4. 4

    oh fer flyin’ spaghetti … !!!

    the first 11min is just revolving ads for xian apologetics sponsors! ugh …

  5. 5

    another 10min of ads in the middle !!!

  6. 6
    Marcus Ranum

    I hope you are not endangering yourself. I am very curious about yourself and your experiences, but your safety is paramount.

  7. 7

    You atheists only bash Christianity, you never criticize Islam, you hypocrites!

    – like a million billion internet Christians

    Annnd here I go bookmarking Margin of Error.

  8. 8

    Hi there,

    I sincerely hope it won’t be considered a spam, but do you think it is worth “pharyngulating”? Muslims want Youtube to remove a video by Katy Perry, this guy made a counter-petition.
    His video.
    His counter-petition.

  9. 9


    Maryam Namazie has been writing here for a long time, as well. Not that the complaint you quoted was ever about any kind of real failure to criticise Islam, mind you.

  10. 10

    @1 Kaveh Mousavi,

    No, it is we who are honoured by your presence.

  11. 11

    Speaking of freethoughtblogs, what’s happened with Chris Rodda? It’s been a month since “This Week in Christian Nationalism” had a new article.

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