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  1. Trebuchet says

    There’s something about cephalopod intelligence that scares me a bit. We’re probably fortunate they’re so short-lived. Just think about the potential of octopusses armed (see what I did there?) with spearguns!

    A gripe: How come my spellchecker doesn’t know the word “cephalopod”?

  2. Artor says

    That was cool! I wonder why Mr. Octopus was so interested in the camera? Did he think it was a tasty conch? Does it make some vibration while running that piqued the octopus’ curiosity?

  3. says

    The diver chased it and got the camera back. Otherwise, we’d be waiting for the octopus to get online and upload the pictures to youtube.

    I get the impression that PZ is disappointed in the lack of sex tapes that would have resulted.

  4. cicely says

    There is no way I would be up for taking a camera from the octopus’ mouth!
    It could probably have my speargun for keepsies, too.

  5. lynxreign says

    Yeah, I loved this the first time you posted it a few years ago.
    I ended up getting all the music by the band doing the accompanying song “Octopus, I Love You” by Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones. It is all free on their website, look them up!

  6. erikthebassist says

    Clearly this octupus adores Spears, Brittney Spears that is, thus his disgust for the Paparazzi.

  7. dancaban says

    Hahaha! Always love it when Nature strikes back in unexpected ways. Just wish that scene in Crocodile Dundee about the kangaroo with a gun was real.

  8. Ichthyic says

    Always love it when Nature strikes back in unexpected ways.

    I wonder if you would say that same thing to Bindi Irwin.