1. says

    Really cool! One complaint, with so many added blogs to the network, the FTB homepage is getting a little unwieldy. Would it be possible to add a third column to the layout?

  2. mandrellian says

    Aron, Thunder, now ZOMG! Good lord, FtB has eaten youtube!

    FtB is fast becoming a one-stop shop for all my daily heathen requirements; it’s also becoming apparent that FtB is becoming a force to be reckoned with. Who the fuck needs TAM anyway?

  3. Blondin says

    FtB just keeps getting better and better. Aron Ra and Christina Rad in the same week! I love it!

  4. celticwulf says

    Why am I suddenly realizing my RSS feed is soon to be useless and I should just come here and refresh the “recent posts” feed ;)

  5. 'Tis Himself says

    I remember when FtB was a small collection of blogs with a couple of headliners in Ed and PZ and a group of earnest unknowns and semi-knowns. Now it’s becoming the center* of atheist blogging.

    *Or centre, if you’re a furriner.