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Blogathon Week 2012

It’s starting this weekend: the craziest bloggers in the atheist/skeptic blogosphere are going to be doing marathon scribbling from 9 June to 16 June, all to raise money for the Secular Student Alliance. Look over there on the right: there’s a widget installed to make it easy for you to click and contribute money to a good cause…and they’re already over the halfway mark before even starting, thanks to a donation from the Stiefel Foundation. Look at the schedule — you’ll see which blog to tune into and when to see non-stop conversation. You can help by donating, or also by simply participating — show up in the comments section at 3am to inspire them to keep going.


  1. Sili says

    the craziest bloggers in the atheist/skeptic blogosphere

    That’s hardly fair. JT Allyhard is on the list twice, yes, but the rest of the cast seems sane enough.