Aug 10 2011

Botanical Wednesday: Norwegian wood

Tomorrow, I’ll be on a plane for Norway, and I’ll be spending the weekend in urban Oslo. Wouldn’t it be nice if the World Humanist Congress could be held in Kongsvinger Forest?

(via National Geographic)

(Also on Sb)


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  1. 1

    Why does this photo give me the willies? Are there bears or fundies just out of the frame?

    Looks great, wish I was there…nothing like a conifer forest in fitful moonlight. The sighing, the creaking…

  2. 2

    That is very pretty, have a great time!

  3. 3

    Beautiful. No wonder the Norwegian people have legends of trolls and gnomes, etc. Those woods look like the perfect habitat for such creatures.

  4. 4
    Mike K.

    You should come to New Zealand and see our beautiful forests then. Dawkins was welcomed “like a rockstar” according the papers so you’d be very appreciated to do a talk or something.

  5. 5
    Birger Johansson

    John* Bauer’s book illustrations for stories about trolls, princesses and assorted supernatural denizens of the wood looked a lot like this. I am not surprised about the reactions of Lofty and Molly.

    * no relation of Jack Bauer.

  6. 6
    nemo the derv

    Lennon said of the song:

    I was trying to write about an affair, so it was very gobbledegooky. I was trying to write about an affair without letting my wife know I was having one. I was sort of writing from my experiences … girls’ flats, things like that.

    Didn’t want your wife to know so you wrote a hit song about it? Oh John.

  7. 7
    Kevin, Youhao Huo Mao

    Wow, that’s just awesome.

  8. 8
    Glen Davidson

    We’re forced to look at Norwegian wood?

    Not fair.

    Glen Davidson

  9. 9

    Man, that’s beautiful. I feel my ancestral land calling me home.

  10. 10
    Ron Sullivan


    Hey, you Noo Zillanders: We’ve got visitors from your part of the world in SF Bay this week, and I just can’t shut up about them after getting a great tour in the Fiji vaka, the Uto Ni Yalo.

    Trad-style double-hulled sailing canoes with solar panels to power the computers and GPS backup… Smart.

  11. 11

    This must be from the story with the spirit bears in BC. I half expect kodama to appear looking at that forest…

  12. 12
    Michael S

    Looks like I’m not the only one in the mood to watch TrollHunter.

  13. 13

    Would you really want those cheap plastic cups and footprints all over that?

  14. 14

    I’m not sure if this is just my browser but your posts past the James Randi post do not show up on the main page of this blog. I’m only getting to this on via the link from the SB Pharyngula.
    -back to topic, that’s a beautiful shot, thanks :)

  15. 15

    Stunningly beautiful!

  16. 16

    I don’t think the attendants would appreciate the cold, or the moss appreciate all the trampling.

    Of course, I have a redwood forest to look out upon, which stays dry four months of the year, so who am I to speak? We’re reinforcing our glade with dry masonry fill from the house’s trash heap, removing the trash and invasive plants, and covering the ground with riverstone and quartzite paths where walking is to be done to protect the roots. It’s pretty sweet.

  17. 17

    The title makes me think of a tall blond Norwegian guy sporting some wood. Yes, I’m gay (a tall non-blond Finn).

  18. 18
    Ophelia Benson

    Ooooooooh you’re so lucky. I loved Stockholm to death and I wanna go to Oslo too.

  19. 19
    Crudely Wrott

    aaaahhhhh . . .

    Worwgian Nood.

    *nuther sigh*

  20. 20
    Crudely Wrott

    . . . brother, can you spare an ‘e’?

  21. 21
    Jeanette Garcia

    Just what Kongsvinger woods needs, a bunch of atheists stomping around on its delicate eco-system.

  22. 22
    Markita Lynda, healthcare is a damn right.

    Beautiful! And is that a Norwegian Wood Octopus in the foreground, that brown lump with green legs?

    As John Lennon liked to pun, I think the song title untwisted into “Knowing she would.”

  23. 23

    Those woods really are lovely, dark and deep.
    I’d love to hike through them.

  24. 24
    Tom Hail

    I’d go to a Humanist Congress in the Santa Cruz Mountains’ redwoods at http://mounthermon.org/conference-center

    I am sure they would be just as good as Norwegian spooky woods.

    Crazy Christians there as well.

  25. 25

    It seems PZ Myers is mingling with royalty.

    According to the website of the Norwegian Royal family, Crown Prince Haakon held an opening speech for the World Humanist Congress, and PZ Myers is mentioned as one of the prominent speakers at the event.


  26. 26

    Careful N√łkken doesn’t take you if you cross a stream.


    Anyone have an opinion on Murakawi?

  27. 27
    Johnny Smith

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