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Rev. Mendle Adams Speaks to FIG TONIGHT. Edwin Tomorrow. Atheist Student Expelled

Y’all come and hear Rev. Adams, y’hear.

Free Inquiry Group (FIG) Talk at Vernon Manor, 400 Oak Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

FIG is an affiliate of American Atheists.

Election 2006: What does it Mean For Us?

Results in recent elections have been attributed to voter blocs such as “soccer moms”, “Nascar Dads”, and “values voters”. The election in 2006 is labeled as a referendum on the war in Iraq. The results of this election will play a significant role in how the presidential election in 2008 is framed.

Reverend Mendle Adams will join FIG on Tuesday, November 28 to discuss the results of elections and analyze its impact on the major social issues of today, including how religion and government will operate in the new Congress.

Born in a fundamentalist Christian home, Reverend Adams was raised attending fundamentalist Bible School and College. However, as a reverend, Mendle has championed causes of social justice, working for Equal Rights Ratification, Witness of Peace, The Nuclear Freeze, and Gay Rights. As ecumenical campus chaplain at Oklahoma State University, Reverend Adams was the only clergy member to join the ACLU lawsuit against the board of regents to allow the students to show the The Last Temptation of Christ. The movie was deemed “blasphemous” by the Board of Regents, but the ACLU suit was victorious in court, the movie was shown, and the Chairman of the Board of Regents was forced to step down. Reverend Adams also served in the Indiana House of Representatives, where he established his credentials as a ‘thoughtful and liberal Democrat’.

Mendle Adams has been the senior pastor at St. Peter’s United Church of Christ since 1997. Mendle met FIG members, Edwin and Helen Kagin, while he was a pastor in Union, Kentucky during the campaign to defeat the location of the Answers in Genesis “Creationist Museum” next to the Big Bone State Park in Boone County. With Mendle‘s range of experiences and expertise, he is sure to provide a lively presentation that will lead to deep discussion on the next trends in Washington.



Edwin Kagin, National Legal Director for American Atheists will be the guest on the Gene Cook Show this Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2006. You can call in with your questions and comments, and the program can be downloaded from the internet.

WHO: Edwin Kagin, National Legal Director for American Atheists.
WHAT: Will appear live on the radio call-in talk show “The Narrow Mind” in California, hosted by Gene Cook, for an open discussion on Atheism and Christianity

WHEN: Wednesday, November 29, 2006, 12:00 – 1:00 pm (Eastern Time). 9:00 – 10:00 am (PDT).

Click the title for the link. The call-in number is 1-800-466-1873. The phone lines are open and an MP3 of the program should be available (free) very soon after the program ends.


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