Monthly Archive: August 2005

Aug 07 2005

Snowflake Children

Battlefield Notes American Religious Civil War (ARCW) In a fairly recent and most creative abdication of reason, certain fundangelicals have started encouraging “adoption” of frozen embryos. Yeah, no kidding. Just think of the possibilities. Validation of fetal personhood. Birth without sex. The greatest thing to happen for the fundangelical world view since AIDS. Know what …

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Aug 04 2005


TODAY: Here is a rare opportunity to hear Frank Zindler of American Atheists try to inject some facts and critical thinking into the “Fanatics Opposing Objectively Learning Science” (FOOLS) program endorsed by our nation’s temporary President. Edwin. ——– American Atheists Media Alert ZINDLER WILL DEBATE CREATIONISM, “INTELLIGENT DESIGN” TODAY (THURSDAY, 8/4) ON JANET PARSHALL’S AMERICA …

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Aug 03 2005


Creator God of Everything, I hope Thee wilt not decline To answer me my questionings of Intelligent Design. I know that every living thing came from Thy mighty mind That Thou created perfectly every life form that we find. Some pious people tell me they have, through Thee, resolved That Eden spawned all living things …

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