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Jan 08 2008

Juxtapositions (I just love that word)

Shelley, at Retrospectacle, once again has captured my attention. Plague week continues, of course, but another post will not be denied attention–how often do you get the chance to watch an egg-sized cyst, full of tapeworm larvae, being removed from a 16-year-old girl’s brain? Yeah, I know, cool! Cool…because the girl lives, and makes a …

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Dec 04 2007

Teratoma–or, Knit me a sister.

Shelley serves as my muse again today… The brain was not her first post about anatomically accurate knitting; there was a previous post on a cute and cuddly teratoma. Ok, so she calls it “complicated and grotesque”, but tomayto tomahto. But the knit teratoma is indeed cute and cuddly, if you ask me. So I …

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Dec 01 2007

Knit me a brain!

A tip of the cuttlecap to Shelley of Retrospectacle for reporting on the Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art We’ve got sweaters to mend; we’ve got socks we can darn,So pull up a chair, and I’ll spin you a yarn;It’s a song with a Scarecrow-of-Oz-like refrain:Please pick up your needles and knit me a …

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