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Aug 23 2013

The Ballad Of Kat and Krista (Or, Why The Church Is Losing)

The city saw progress; It’s moving, at last, But the church remains stubbornly Stuck in the past When Kat married Krista They first had to fight Till the city agreed To their benefits right So health care was covered Which only seems just And the city agreed That they certainly must And Kat’s parents supported …

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May 29 2013

Stephen King On God

“You’re missing the sunrises, sunsets, and stars; You’re missing the crops, and the bees.” You’re missing the point, Stephen King, if you think That we’re missing the moments like these The natural world is a beautiful place And I find it a little bit odd That the thing that you see when you look at …

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Feb 17 2008

Science… through a New-Age filter

PZ Myers writes, in response to a cretinist who cannot wrap his cortex around the fact that we and oranges share a common ancestor, a post reviewing some of the evidence that shows just that. Of course, we do have to go back a bit to get to that common ancestor… 1.6 billion years or …

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