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Feb 16 2014

“Sports Chaplains” Hunting Big Olympic Game

I’ve come all the way to Sochi With an overarching goal- I’m not here to win a medal— No, I’m here to save your soul: Have you ever heard the story Of the savior on the cross? Who redeemed us all from sinning Through his sacrifice and loss? I can see it in your eyes—you’re …

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Feb 07 2014

Olympic Conscience Wrestling

The thing you’ve been working for, all of your life? That comes to fruition today? The people in charge of this glorious time Will turn you away if you’re gay. Your colleagues, your teammates, your family, your friends, (And you) couldn’t be more excited— But if any of you has the wrong sort of love …

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Jul 28 2012



Now, I know there are some FtBers who don’t much care about the Olympics. They are, of course, wrong. So this is a pro-Olympics thread, where y’all can throw your observations. I’ll also just tuck a little Olympian eye candy in here–I have not yet managed to make it to the Olympic games, but I …

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Jun 27 2012

“The General Population Of East London *Is* Excluded” (guest poem by Embertine)

From commenter Embertine, the story of a cock-up of Olympic proportions. Perspective is everything; from across the pond, I have not been privy to what has been happening in London for the games. Embertine has, and expresses it beautifully:

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Jun 26 2012

Poetry Parnassus

Part of the Olympic Games festivities in London began today, with the first day of a week-long “Poetry Parnassus”–a gathering of some 204 poets, one from each country entering the games. Take a look here, at an interactive map of poems. I have sampled a dozen or so, and have come to a very familiar …

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