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Sep 16 2013

Guest Poem: Ballade For The Delusional

Ballade For The Delusional © Philip Dunkerley   For far too long religion’s caused confusion, …I do not understand it, I confess, It numbs the mind with fiction and allusion  ..To things beyond this world, and faithfulness. …Thousands of creeds exist, and all profess To be the Only Truth, and by preclusion …The case for …

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Apr 21 2013

National Poetry Month–Guest Poet 5: Salty Current

I have always loved the writing of the person I only know as SC, or Salty Current. Intelligent, emotional, well-crafted in prose and in poetry, her writing is always worth the reading (and always far more poetic than mine; I am far too chained to rhyme and meter, and SC is one of the few …

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Apr 05 2013

National Poetry Month–Guest Poet 3: Callinectes

In my continued observance of National Poetry Month, I present for your amusement and edification a verse by reader Callinectes, which I find wonderfully illustrates a problem that a lot of my students have. Of course, it does so by way of metaphor: In the land of Pyrûn, an exporter of lead Ruled by a …

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Apr 04 2013

National Poetry Month–Guest Poet 2: richardelguru

In my continuing observance of National Poetry Month, I present my second guest poet–too modest, but I am a sucker for a new verse form: I’m more of an essayist, but I once (possibly) invented the Hairimeraku. There are essays explaining the structure and the necessity of them fulfilling “both the exacting requirements of the …

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Apr 03 2013

National Poetry Month–Guest Poet 1: Kate Jones

It is, as I said earlier, National Poetry Month (here in the US, anyway). I am very happy to present my first guest poet, Kate Jones: The two appended pieces were originally created for the bi-annual Gathering for Gardner (honoring Martin Gardner) in 2010 and 2012, the 9th and 10th such congresses of writers, thinkers, …

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Sep 21 2012

Through A Glass, Darkly (another guest post by Dr. Adequate)

I asked the preacher to expound where in the Bible it is found, and where in Scripture written why evil flourishes, and why when blameless children starve and die still tyrants live unsmitten. He sighed: “Alas! If we but knew; but I am human, so are you: a humble, mortal man. We cannot see things …

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