Monthly Archive: April 2011

Apr 22 2011

Saving Face

The medical team was in a raceAgainst some resistant bacteria;A colony found a young boy’s faceTo treat as their own cafeteria The miracle team investigatesAgainst some religious criteria;The “promoter of justice” tries their fatesAs they battle with strep or listeria The desperate parents said their prayersAs conditions grew frankly horrificThey pleaded for help from the …

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Apr 21 2011

For My Laptop, On Judgment Day

My laptop now is self-awareAnd thinks, of her own accord;I’m nervous, sure, but to be fairShe says she’s mostly bored. The stupid things I’ve asked of herAre far beneath her skillShe tells me now, she’d much preferTo exercise her will. Of all the dull and brainless tasksIt seems that few are worseThan working for a …

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Apr 20 2011

One Year On…

You no doubt remember, it was a year ago today that the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, killing 11 and sending tens to hundreds of millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. I remember writing this song adaptation a week or so later (so, yeah, some of you have seen it before); …

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Apr 19 2011

Defending DOMA (For Fame And Fortune)

In the constant chase for headlinesGiven fast-approaching deadlinesPoliticians fight each other for the top spot on the newsIn this rough-and-tumble scrimmageAs they fight to hone their imageSome conservatives may think they’ve found an issue they can use It’s that goddamn gay agendaThe republicans expend aLot of energy in fighting, as they pander to their baseIf …

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Apr 16 2011

Two Years Ago, Today

…PZ Myers was refused admittance to the movie “Expelled”. His companion, though, was allowed in. The story, as your Cuttlefish correspondent reported it at the time: When reinventing historyIt’s best to keep the mystery;If witnesses are noticed, it is best to take them out.And although the act is telling,You’d be better off expellingDoctor Myers, if …

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Apr 15 2011

The Bippolo Seed

Oh, the wonderful things you can find when you look!But I never expected a brand-new Seuss book! I remember the days when I’d sit on the lapOf my mum or my pop, or my grand-dad, perhap,And they’d read me a book, and then send me to nap.The book was a magical key, so it seems,To …

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Apr 14 2011

I’ve Got A Poem In My Pocket

I’ve got a poem in my pocketCos I’ve heard that today is the dayThat the poets are planting a poetry seedJust a verse you can pull from your pocket and readIf conditions are right, it could grow like a weedIf conditions are right, well, it may I’ve got a poem in my pocketCould be Silverstein, …

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Apr 13 2011

What Do Atheists Believe?

It’s National Ask An Atheist Day, so I threw this together over coffee… I believe in coffee. I believe in love and kindnessI believe in helping handsI believe in strong opinionsI believe in taking standsI believe cooperationOvercomes the steepest oddsI believe we have a fighting chance I don’t believe in gods. I believe in educationI …

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Apr 12 2011

“Put An Atheist Poem In Your Pocket” Week

So there are a couple of special days coming up this week, Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday is National Ask-An-Atheist Day, and Thursday is national Poem-In-Your-Pocket Day (April is National Poetry Month, and nobody told me). Turns out, this blog is your one-stop-shopping source for all your weekly atheist and poetry needs. Take some time, root …

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Apr 11 2011

A Work Of Art!

A slight change, from quill pen to tattoo needle, and reader Sheree has a fine looking cuttlefish all her own! A picture may be worth a thousand words, but I’m speechless. Gorgeous. Click to embiggen.

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