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May 28 2010

On Flawed Perception

If one’s thinking is “off” (which, of course, it could be)And our view of the world has gone oddWe add to the problem (it seems so to me)When the thing we’re perceiving is God. Throughout all our centuries, thousands of godsHave been worshipped (and some worship none);On the face of it, those are some pretty …

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May 27 2010

On Right And Wrong

My radio asked, as I drove along,“Is it ever right to do what is wrong?”It wasn’t odd; it wasn’t strange,It was The Socrates Exchange. One caller (I didn’t catch his name)Began with that most ancient claim,That biblical moralityDetermines “right” for you and me; The Ten Commandments, he avowed,Delineate what God’s allowed,And deep within our hearts …

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May 24 2010

The Wakefield Case

Dastardly, Bastardly,Andrew–unethical,Lied to his legions andBasked in their praise Practiced his dangerousMegalomania;Playing with matches, heStarted a blaze Yearningly, burningly,Well-meaning innocentsRead about Wakefield, andSwallowed it whole Choose not to vaccinate,Uncomprehendingly,Fearful and tearful andNot in control. Recently, decently,GMC councilorsLooked at the evidence,Started to scoff; Tales of misconduct wereIncontrovertible;Guilty of charges,They’ve stricken him off! Mournfully, scornfully,Cognitive dissonanceKeeps his …

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May 23 2010

Martin Gardner (1914-2010)

Martin Gardner is, for me, always paired with Jerry Andrus; both men appeared to see the world from a slightly different perspective than the rest of us, but were ready, willing and able to share their vision, to our great joy. Turns out Andrus had, a dozen years ago, paid his own homage to Gardner, …

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May 20 2010

Answering The CuttleSignal

So I got an email last night, wondering what the cuttlefish signal was–akin to the bat signal, but alerting me to those rare occasions when someone needs something in verse. It’s happened before, surprisingly–”Lousisiana, 2010″ was a response to a specific request, for instance. Last night, the call came on behalf of (but not from) …

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May 18 2010

Jesus In The Garden

First, you plant a red tomatoThen you just sit back and wait, oh,Just a month or two, while evolution does its nasty deed.When it ripens, there’s no tellin’,Cos it might be watermelon,If it weren’t for Jesus Christ, defending each and every seed.You could go for evolution’sOversimplified solutionsOr take solace, knowing Christ was in your garden …

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May 15 2010

A Batty Problem

Birds do it; bees do it; bats do it too—And pretty much anything down at the zooFrom Galapagos Tortoise to Red KangarooSeems plenty of creatures have fun when they screw The sexual prowess of hamster or ratOr the lust of a Tom, whether turkey or cat—But whatever you do, be advised when you chatNot to …

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May 13 2010

Nothing Missing

They tell me that I’m missing something—Never what that is,But it’s something—something major—something big.They tell me God could grant this thing—Apparently it’s His—And they chafe when I don’t give a flying fig. I don’t miss the wings I’ve never hadNor gills I’ve never triedI don’t miss a pair of antlers for my headAnd I can’t …

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May 04 2010

Louisiana, 2010

They built a platform, and they start to drill They didn’t worry ’bout an oil spill And if disaster comes, where does the oil go? Millions of gallons in the Gulf of Mexico We see the slick on top, but we don’t see beneathSee what it’s done to the fish,       what it’s done …

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May 02 2010

Placebo Protests

I was just listening to Token Skeptic #18, and nearly gave myself whiplash with all my nodding in agreement. In my classes, I am known for my opposition to the goal of “raising awareness”; fuzzy, ill-defined concepts like that do more harm than good. Take a page from the success of science, and operationally define …

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