Monthly Archive: December 2009

Dec 10 2009

My Cephalopodmas Present To You

I should have done this long ago, but for the unfortunate fact that I am an idiot. Anyway, you have probably forgotten all about the two buttons over there to the right that lead to Lulu and to where you can buy my books. (Still sounds strange in the plural.) I have, as my present …

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Dec 08 2009

Atheism 6.2

I found the following drifting lazily down through an eddy in the time-space continuum… In Atheism 6.2The features that we add for youRevise the changes we’d begunIn 5.5 through 6.1 In 5.5 through 5.7Metaphors of hell and heavenWere allowed, but pearly gatesWere strictly seen as 5.8’s You must remember 5.9,In which we said communion wineWas …

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Dec 07 2009

I Am The Bishop

I am the Bishop, the moral authority,The good of my flock is my highest priorityUnless (or until) there’s a Shepherd accused,And a lamb from my flock is among the abused. I am the Bishop; to me they will come,Both Shepherd and Sheep (because people are dumb)I’m trusted to do what is just, what is right,To …

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Dec 06 2009

By Request…

Ok, this is not The Book, but there is no way that The Book (with actual chapters, illustrations, commentary and such) could possibly be ready in time for anyone to order it for Squidmas. I really wish it could be, but I am much too swamped with Real Life. So this is The Digital Cuttlefish, …

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Dec 04 2009

For H. M.

My day goes by in bits and pieces,The crossword puzzle, conversations,Doctors asking, running tests;They seem to know me; I don’t know how.And who is that old man in the mirror? My day goes by as days do, I suppose,I watch TV, play bingo, read…Today the crossword is very easy!I don’t remember when I moved here—And …

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Dec 04 2009

The Digital Pack-Rat, volume 21

It is, as it always is this time of year, approaching the ragged end of the semester. I am inundated with grading, so it is time to collect the detritus of blog comments, assemble them together, and pretend to post. If I find the time, I may come back and actually add links, but not …

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