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Sep 30 2009

Happy Blasphemy Day, Take Two!

Ack! I forgot! I have an illustration for my Blasphemy Day verse–another brilliant drawing by Michael McRae! So I’m re-posting the verse here, so that it hits the rss feeder again and McRae gets the kudos he deserves. (Thinking about maybe putting a mug up in the cuttleswag, with this pic and this verse…) The …

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Sep 30 2009

Happy Blasphemy Day!

The first amendment means, to me,The right to play at blasphemy;The right to say “There is no God”Without the threat of firing squad.To speak, or sing, or draw, or writeAnd not be paralyzed with fright.To mock Jehovah if I wish;To point and laugh at Jesus fish;And though the image strikes me weird,To pluck Mohammed’s silly …

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Sep 29 2009

Offensive Billboard Removed By Courageous Bigot(s)

Before:After:Story. It almost made me ill, Lord,What I saw up on that billboardDown at Poplar Ave and High Street, as I drove along today;I was passing by, commuting,When I saw a man saluting—In a uniform and everything—but doing it while gay!It’s offensive and disgusting,How he’s standing there, just lusting(You can see it in his eyes, …

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Sep 27 2009

An Answer In Limerick Form

Hmph. PZ gets the emails; I don’t. He gets two-inch putts handed to him; I don’t. So, since he posts his email, I guess I’ll just take the chance and respond to it anyway. “Advice for Atheists” indeed. I refuse to use Comic Sans, though. 1. Stop being so smug. This “smugness” to which you …

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Sep 25 2009

“Is God Dead?” Redux

At the US News & World Report website, the “God & Country” column has a couple of recent stories of interest. Of course, there is the poll that PZ links to, but there is also a brief bit on the recent death of John T. Elson, the Time magazine editor responsible for the “Is God …

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Sep 24 2009


I have been waiting for this one. There have been hints in the news, then announcements that announcements were to be forthcoming, and finally there are pictures and stories and everything: a huge Anglo-Saxon gold hoard has been found! This past July, in a farmer’s field, by a metal-detecting enthusiast, Terry Herbert. I have used …

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Sep 20 2009

On Prayer (And Introducing A Real God)

“In prayer, you should stay silent.” ”No, you have to pray out loud!”“Your thoughts, you share with God alone.” ”No, share them with the crowd!“Your prayers must follow models; you can’t make them up yourself!”“If prayers are from the heart, then leave the Bible on its shelf!”“Your prayers are adoration to the lord, thy God, …

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Sep 19 2009

Suppose You Found An Actual Alien…

Daringly, erringly, Children in PanamaSaw a strange being, andAll held their breath: Certain the creature wasExtraterrestrial,Showed they were human, andBeat it to death. In some of the pictures, the “creature” looks like E.T., or “a fetus”, or some unidentifiable alien being. In the video, it is fairly clearly (to my eye, anyway) a three-toed tree …

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Sep 18 2009

Love At First Sight… On Separate Trains

I have to say, as a hopeless romantic, that this is my favorite BBC story in, perhaps, forever. It’s the stuff of fairytales and songs that sell millions of copies around the world and make you an international singing star, if you’re James Blunt. As almost anyone with ears and a radio in 2005 would …

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Sep 17 2009

Barnacle Stan, The Sessile Man

Barnacle Stan, the sessile man,Afraid to even look;A timid fool, his tidal poolAn ancient holy book.Between its pages, stuck for ages,Keeping safe from Hell,For fear of fire, he’ll ne’er inquire,But stay inside his shell. Barnacle Stan, he hatched a plan;The gist of it was this:He’d stay inside, forever hide,Cos ignorance is bliss;He’d sometimes write, with …

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