Monthly Archive: August 2008

Aug 29 2008

Delicious Brains…

The delicious brains of Jessica Hagy, that is. I can’t believe I had never seen her site before Pharyngula posted this one: I commented there, but added a few more stanzas here… We struggle in vain to distinguish a MassFrom your typical Zombie behaviorAs they guzzle down red by the bottle or glassAnd delight in …

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Aug 23 2008

Those Rude Atheists!

So the Secular Coalition for America wondered whether they were welcome in the Democratic Party. Yeah, I know, it shouldn’t even be a question–we are a secular nation, after all, aren’t we? But an Interfaith Gathering (yup, with Capital Letters and everything) was being held, and with a name like that it implies that those …

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Aug 19 2008

Old Time Religion–or, Worshipping Greta Christina

A couple of days ago, one of my favorite bloggers actually wrote me and alerted me to her post here, a fun bit of wordplay and parody toying with that old classic “Gimme that old time religion”. Go ahead, follow the link and read her post–great fun, that. I’ll wait. … Back so soon? Anyway, …

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