Monthly Archive: June 2008

Jun 21 2008

Where In The World Now?

Just an octopus, happy, at playThen we zoom out (we know that we may)And it seems that the oddsSay that cephalopodsAre involved in the Last Judgment Day (Took these pics today. Can you guess?)

Jun 20 2008

But No Sign Of Aliens?

It’s out of this world! And so very nice,In the barrens of Mars, to have dug up some ice!My prediction today? That intrepid explorersWill soon find the signs of some Naked Ice Borers!

Jun 13 2008

Friday Limericks–Greece!

This is not the only country on my trip, but I am certainly glad it is one of them! I have wanted to go to Greece since… I think my first presentation on the Parthenon in 4th grade, or maybe earlier, reading the children’s versions of Greek mythology. Of course, ignorance being what it is, …

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Jun 12 2008

Never A Good Sign

It should make you worry when youFind your cousin on the menuAt a pleasant Greek Taverna at the Galaxidi shoreIt was Greece–so I was fatedOnce I’d eaten, and was sated,To be punished by Poseidon like I never was beforeWe were looking at the oceanWhen there came a funny motionJust a little instability I felt beneath …

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Jun 07 2008

Where In The World Is The Digital Cuttlefish?

I am wand’ring the earth, to its endsBut I feel that I must make amendsWhile I’ve traveled, I fearI’ve neglected you here–So a picture, or two, of some friends! (I took these just a couple of days ago…) Thank you all for your wishes and greetings; I have a bit of forced downtime today on …

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