I win! Damning video evidence

So I thought we could just ‘agree to disagree‘ (which means that I am right, but you disagree) on this whole “cats vs. dogs” thing. I thought the heat had died down and the FTBorg could just resume quietly hating each other like a normal dysfunctional blogging collective.

Clearly I overestimated the restraint and good sense of my colleagues.

Almost as one (as though they’ve been colluding behind my back), the pro-cat posts have been coming fast and furious:

  • I probably should have expected Greta’s treachery - the parasites are strong in that one;
  • Jen, for all her otherwise brilliance, did not surprise me with her tag-team feline confederacy;
  • Dana has chosen her side, and chosen poorly. So be it – when the otter uprising happens, she will not be spared;
  • But Jason… sweet Jason… I thought better of you. I truly did. This fence-sitting bullshit will not stand. Pick a side, man! We’re at war here.

I didn’t want to take ‘the nuclear option’, but apparently with the pro-cat forces of the world stacked against me and few allies to be found, I am left with little recourse. I have been vouchsafed a piece of damning video evidence that shall resolve this issue once and for all. Sure, cats act like cats when nobody’s watching, but if you manage to sneak up on them unawares, you’ll find the story is something else entirely:

You saw it here first, folks. Even cats think dogs are better, and when given the opportunity they will ‘dog it up’. However, upon being caught, they will revert to their cowardly selves. Sure, there are videos out there that show dogs meowing, but they do it in the spirit of open mockery, not in secret.

Dogs are better than cats – even cats think so.

I trust this will be the end of this foolishness and I can go back to dealing with human topics.

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