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Jun 19 2014

ELLIOT RODGER: MADMAN vs. MISOGYNIST (a response to JaclynGlenn)

Apr 26 2014

Religion a mental illness ? I say NO and this is why :

I would call it a SOCIAL illness.

Apr 24 2014

Grieving for God

Finally a new video!

Dec 15 2013

Knock Knock …

Yeah …I should rename this to “The Sorry It’s Been a While Since I posted Blog”. I do need to apologize for seemingly dropping off the face of the Earth without a word. Some people have genuinely been worried about me and I do feel very guilty about it. All I can say for myself …

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Nov 23 2012

ISLAMIC SEXUALITY: Nouman Ali Khan vs. Reality (FLAGGED Klingschor video)

Because YouTube is cool like that.

Sep 07 2012

A response to GirlWritesWhat on the DMCA drama + more

Aug 18 2012

FTB (also, I guess, Skepchick?) must have done did it!

Duh. Because even if there is no evidence for this, the FreeThoughtSkepchickBlog (??) must be responsible for GirlWritesWhat getting DMCA-ed. Also, for starving kids in Africa. Oh yeah, skepticism, yeah.

Aug 10 2012

Help for Haters

Just something silly.

Aug 05 2012

Gender Roles, Trolls & Sexual Harassment Policies

Jul 29 2012

Why I removed my video on Feminism

So 3 years ago I made a video on feminism which received a lot of support from most of my viewers. I filmed it virtually “in the heat of the moment”, after reading Warren Farrel’s “The Myth of Male Power”, also some online articles and blog posts expressing similar views while providing bogus statistics which …

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