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  1. baal says

    I listened to it while working and enjoyed the presentation. Had I known sooner the girl scouts were such exciting femmicommunoathepropagandistsouttotakeovertheworld type folks, I may have forced my son to join.

    I’m not out (as atheist) with everyone but did enjoy the look of horror and scurrying away that the Jehovah’s Witness did as I told them. I was a bit surprised on just how fast they left. I guess they don’t get that a lot.

  2. julian says

    Great advice. There’s strength in numbers (even if it’s only perception) especially with the election system we have. A new vocal and angry group appears in a congressperson’s district it could very well upset the balance that keeps them in power. Something other groups looking to upset the current status quo will also be on the lookout for.

    We don’t necessarily need faces and numbers at the national level right now. What’s killing us right now is individual states, schools and districts.

  3. says

    Thanks for coming out to Indiana and sharing your “outsider” view. We were glad to be there!

    (for other like-minded Hoosiers, or otherwise, have a look at “Religislation” on FB.)

  4. Ouabache says

    My wife’s uncle teaches at Purdue Calumet. He’s in the English department though so I doubt he will be showing up to your talk. Sorry.

  5. christophburschka says

    Regarding Jessica Ahlquist; while she apparently took a short leave after the verdict, she denied any plans of switching schools. Wouldn’t blame her if she did, but apparently she’s intending to stay for her final year.

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