Monthly Archive: March 2009

Mar 14 2009

What’s the cure for lesbianism? Rape, of course!

From this story: “Lesbians living in South Africa are being subjected to ‘corrective rape’ and severe violence by men trying to ‘cure’ them of their sexual orientation, human rights groups have said.” Obviously a woman who isn’t attracted to men will see the error in her ways once she’s brutally raped! Who wouldn’t love men …

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Mar 10 2009

Naming a Blog

This is why I haven’t come up with a good name yet: Me: What would you name my blog?Ben: Name it Pikachu rapes Charmander while licking Bolbasaur when he eats Jigglypuff in her ass, in which she is pooping Squirtel, who is squirting (you know what) Dido, who is cross dressed as Alakazam, who is …

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Mar 10 2009

Yet Another Blog Cluttering the Internet

Yep, as if the tubes were not cluttered enough. Consider this a test post.

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