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Dec 31 2011

Gospel Disproof #26: No excuses

Here’s an interesting thought experiment, especially for Christians. Imagine, for a moment, what the world would be like if Christianity were a myth. How would it be different? People would not suddenly become omniscient, would they? Of course not. Why would God’s failure to exist suddenly improve our mental abilities? A world in which God …

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Dec 30 2011

Baptist legislator vows to fight ACLU “threat”

Tennessee state legislator Rep. Eric Watson, in an opinion column at The Chattanoogan.com, warns his minions that “The American Civil Liberties Union is at it again.” Watson, who holds a Masters degree (summa cum laude) from Andersonville Theological Seminary, elaborates: The ACLU has brought lawsuits against local school boards in Tennessee, with the intent to …

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Dec 29 2011

Wabbit season

I remember the first time I saw it: Elmer Fudd stands by, gun loaded, as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck rip signs off a tree, exposing a new sign underneath: “Rabbit Season!” “Duck Season!” “Rabbit Season!” “Duck Season!” “Rabb—ELMER Season!??” And Elmer has to run for his life from his former prey. Gotta love the …

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Dec 28 2011


“No, gay sex is not harmless. They’ve done scientific studies that show it causes microscopic tears in the lining of the rectum.” “Microscopic?” “Yeah.” “In other words, you can’t even see it?” “Um, well no, I guess not.” “So what’s the big deal? That’s hardly a reason to deny two people the right to marry …

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Dec 27 2011

Gospel Disproof #25: God the Loser

In Matthew chapter 7, Jesus says, “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” It’s a fairly common theme. “For …

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Dec 26 2011

Gospel Disproof #24: PID

Back when I was a Christian, the big controversy was over something called “scientific creationism,” the view that you ought to be allowed to teach Genesis in public schools as long as you did so under the guise of presenting it as a scientific theory of origins. But it flopped. It was too easy to …

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Dec 25 2011

Of trees and bullseyes

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A hunter was out in the woods one day and came across a bullseye painted on a tree, with a single arrow dead center in the middle of it. The bullseye was rather small, and even the tree itself was not too large, so the hunter was impressed. …

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Dec 24 2011

Gospel Disproof #23: The Star of Bethlehem

John Loftus has an interesting post up about the various inconsistencies in Gospel stories about Jesus’ alleged birth at Bethlehem. I’m going to piggyback on just one part of that story: the bit about the “wise men” from the East who followed a star to the place where Jesus was born. According to Matthew, their …

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Dec 23 2011

Space porn

Ok, unless you’re as big a geek as I am, the term “porn” might be a little strong, but take a look at this photo of Comet Lovejoy. According to the accompanying story, this shot was taken by NASA astronaut Dan Burbank on Dec 21. Comet Lovejoy, if you haven’t heard, stole its 15 minutes …

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Dec 22 2011

Ben Stein on Christmas trees

According to the UK’s Catholic Herald, it seems the War on By Christmas has enlisted a new recruit: Ben Stein. There’s a story somewhere about Barack Obama referring to a Christmas tree as a “holiday tree,” which is apparently a worse form of persecution than denying Christians the right to marry one another, or something. …

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