Media appearances, guest blogs, and interviews

This is a list of content of mine in other places on the web, in no particular order. I am not including reblogs by popular websites.

This Ex-Muslim Started a Tumblr for Women Who Have Abandoned the Hijab,” my interview with Simon Davis in VICE magazine.

Unveiled: Three Former Muslim Women Look Back on the Hijab“, at the Huffington Post, with the expanded interview appearing at the author Valerie Tarico’s blog.

“Not a tool to be used to bolster anti-feminism,” guest blog at Ophelia Benson’s Butterflies and Wheels

Listen and Judge: An Interview with Marwa Berro,” interview at Robby Bensinger’s Nothing is Mere

My appearance on the Voluntary Virtue Network, interviewed by Cathy Reisenwitz.

My profile on the Center for Inquiry’s speaker’s list.

My appearance as guest God blogger on The Drew Marshall Show, Canada’s Most Listened to Spiritual Talk show

My appearance on the Godless Family Webcast discussing Islam.

“Lady Gaga and the Burqa: It’s Personal,” guest blog at Alex Gabriel’s “Godlessness in Theory”