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Getting a little meta here. Let me know if you’d read a book set in this universe. Working on something like this. Been curious as to how people would react to it. Let me know!

The world was vastly different on May 4th than it had been on April 25th. In the space of about 10 days the world had been radically changed. Mankind was no longer alone. Not that they had ever been alone in the first place. The fighting started on April 25th and was mostly over May 3rd at about 11 PM. Fighting between mankind and “monsters” and between “monsters” and “monsters” was worldwide. In the United States the worst battles occurred in North Carolina, and in Washington D.C., but other terrible affected cities and states included Seattle, Salt Lake City, Vermont, and Ohio. But worldwide the damage was far worse. Vietnam was mostly uninhabited, aside from places where monsters and spirits now called home. A massive chunk of the U.K. was under water. Japan found Tokyo and Kyoto mostly wiped out. North Korea had been decimated and Seoul was still in the middle of a battle, with the ROK facing large numbers of inhumans coming from Incheon.


In some parts of the world, men and monsters forged alliances at an astonishing speed. This was most notably the case with Latin America, where politicians who were hybrids (often with inhuman mothers and humans for fathers) and the children of hybrids had already been in power. But most of the world saw entire republics be wiped out by titanic monsters, creatures like the deadly leviathan, or the massive chaos reptile “Apep”. Greece saw the Python, Honduras had to face off against the forces of Xibalba, but managed to survive thanks to the appearance of the Hero Twins like in myths of old. Ghosts appeared in Guatemala and in Australia. Canada faced the heroes of Inuit mythology. In some cases surprising declarations were made. In Japan the Yokai appeared and defended mankind. In the Middle East it was the forces of ancient gods who protected ordinary men and women. But when it was finally globally recognized that it was May 4th the worst of the fighting had settled down.
A week later, in a diner in Virginia, a “person” who looks human takes a seat.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    I like the “universe”, but would probably not get very far in a book where the second sentence essentially repeats the first.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    If all the mythology monsters came back at once, we would definitely have to trim the human population to have enough room.

    Fortunately, most mythology monsters happen to be really good at that (munch, munch).

    If the heroes ‘n’ gods who fought those monsters also returned, most of the planet would soon resemble the final scenes of an Avengers movie.

    Which raises all sorts of questions about placing the dividing line between the good guys & the rest (Quetzalcoatl? Shiva? Yahweh?), and where you cut off the “too new” crew so as not to further overload the world with Godzilla, The Blob, Vogons, Celine Dion, et alia.

    • says

      The number of people who’d die would easily be in the millions, even if the heroes were extremely successful. It’d make the avengers scenes look like a child’s sandcastle. But it’d be super fun to write.

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