What if Christians are wrong?

I am one of the administrators for the Secular Latino Alliance. I am also a writer on their Medium account. And I publish and comment on the Facebook page. So as expected I also read the other stories that end up on our Medium account. I wanted to share one today and get people to think about it.

The article doesn’t imply that believers are mentally ill. The title is almost clickbaity. Which makes me laugh, if I’m being honest. Also, the author of the article isn’t me, but another writer on the shared Medium account for the Secular Latino Alliance.

Also religion is not a mental illness. But it can be dangerous. It can and has been a contributing factor to repressive regimes, it can be used to demonize the mentally ill, to oppress those who don’t follow the same religion as those in authority, and can be used to even justify

What if believers are wrong? I mean obviously the majority of us on here (I’m including readers, so not just those who make articles) believe they are on some level, but I think that this is worth taking a second and actually thinking and talking about. What if all of the theistic religions in the world are incorrect?

Christians constantly want us to be afraid and to be scared that we are the ones who are wrong, but the reality is that they are about as likely to be wrong as we are. Sure we’re just a tiny bit more likely, because we don’t believe in their deity, but there are thousands of gods they don’t believe in. So what if they are wrong?

If they are wrong, would they feel remorse over the lives lost to Christian regimes? Would they apologize to the LGTBQIA community for consistently working to undermine their access to basic human rights and dignity? Would they apologize to atheists for threatening us with hell? Would they apologize for the centuries of the suppression of science, even when their own followers contributed to science historically?

I don’t think they would as a whole, despite the thousands that probably would on a personal level. But what do you think? Let me know!


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    All the Christians are wrong – at least according to all the other Christians.

    I use the “[X] are not true Christians” argument as an identifier for membership in Christianism, since non-Christians never say that. So far, it applies across the full geographic and ideological spectrum, without exceptions.

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