Facebook Live

I am doing a Facebook live later today. If you want to check it out, come and check out my page, The Hispanic Atheist. It is at 8 PM eastern time, and I will be covering a wide variety of topics.

I’ll be discussing the importance of debating, common arguments from both sides of the theological debate (specifically centered around whether or not “God” exists), and probably some plans for the future. I am extremely excited to be doing this because it is one of the first opportunities I’ll be getting to interact with the people who have chosen to support my work live. In the future I’ll probably be doing this relatively frequently, and using it to get ideas as to what to cover on my blogs and future live-streams.

If you want to come and participate, I highly encourage it. If not, but you are interested in future live-streams, don’t worry I’ll undoubtedly be doing way more. I have been looking forward to this all week. If you have suggestions for arguments to cover, let me know!

Let’s chat. I hope to see you in a few hours.

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