‘Language time machine’!

Wow! some scientists created a computer program to reconstruct vocabularies of ancient languages using only their modern language descendants. A linguistic Time Machine!

The program, a linguistic time machine of sorts, can quickly crunch data on some of the earliest-known “proto-languages” that gave rise to modern languages.

When I met with Romani people in Europe, I wanted to hear their language, I right away found many Indian words in Romani language. They migrated from India 1500 years ago. Still you can trace the language they brought from their homeland. Without the help of a linguistic time machine we know about the origin of Romani language.

This time machine is just awesome. Will they be able to find out the origin of Basque language using modern Basque descendants? I have always been curious to know about the origin of Basque. Where did the Basque language come from? Nobody could give me a satisfactory answer. Hope the linguistic time machine will do. When I was in Bilbao, I learned some Basque words, which were not similar with any other words exist on Earth. Ear-belarria, eye-begi, nose-sudurra, mouth-ahoa, tooth-hortza, arm-besoa,hand-eskua,heart-bihotza,stomach-sabela,leg-hanka, foot-oina,head-burua,face-aurpegia,hair-ilea. I am eagerly waiting for the solution the linguistic time machine gives.

We look to the future. Sometimes it is necessary to look back to the past.