God’s soldiers!

Unfortunately, the films critical of Islam are by the people who do not know how to make films, and they are often extreme-right-wing-anti-Islam or just anti-Islam-Christian-fanatics. Submission by Theo Van Gogh, Fitna by Geert Wilders and Innocence of Muslims by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. All these films are bad-taste-low-standard-films. Some film-makers dance with all-religions-are-good-only-Islam-is-bad song. Good films but very critical of Islam could have been made by creative, visionary, talented film-makers who have rational logical mind and scientific outlook. Unfortunately not a single good film based on authentic Islamic history has ever been made. I have been waiting for decades to watch an Islamic version of ‘Life of Brian.’ Where are our Pythons?

Islamists are bad, film makers are also bad. Islamists say they do not want freedom, they want Islam. But they want freedom to destroy and burn down everything. They believe they are allowed to commit barbaric acts in the name of their imaginary god.

Bad film-makers have the right to make bad films. But no one has the right to take away the life or property of another. God’s law forgives god’s soldiers, but our law must not.