Women’s Day in a Man’s World!

Police beating up women who asked for the voting rights, 1910.

100 years passed. Police still beat up women’s rights marchers. Men still laugh at them, try to break their unity. Men still hate women, become Men’s Rights Activists.

100 years passed. Some significant changes occurred in some parts of the world in the last 100 years, e.g. rape is now outdated, gangrape is a trend, raping women is now old fashioned, raping children is a trend.

100 years have passed. It’s Women’s Day today. Will men stop exploiting, harassing, oppressing, torturing, raping, trafficking, murdering women at least for today?

The answer I get is, no, they won’t.

It is a shame for human species that they need a Day for Women to inspire men to stop violence against woman and learn to treat women as humans. Men should be ashamed of themselves as long as it is necessary to have Women’s Day.

(Someone asked me about Man’s Day. I said, don’t worry Man’s Day will begin just after a few hours and continue until 8th of March 2014.)