His blood!

One of the most brilliant humanist writers was brutally killed by Islamists in Bangladesh last night. 24 hours passed. Nobody has been arrested. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh has not uttered a word condemning the murder of Avijit Roy.

His wounded wife and others were trying to take him to a hospital last night.

He was declared dead at 10.30 pm.

His glasses and a piece of his brain were seen floating in his blood.

His blood was wiped off today.


  1. Sarthak says

    Some of the pictures are so laden with meaning. Avijit Roy from US was trying to enlighten Bangladesh and in his relentless struggle finally gave his life in Bangladeshi soil at his tome town, in the very campus where he grew up. Avijit Roy a beacon of knowledge fell in a university. What was left was his vision (the spects) and part of his brilliant mind (brain). His last book is “Sunya theke Mahabwisyo” (Emptiness to Universe”). Avijit Roy has now gone to eternal emptiness but he is also now part of universal intellectual history. And that picture in your last post (Bangladeshi Islamists have been killing atheist and humanist bloggers and writers) where the fallen hero is lying in dust and Bonna Ahmed his wife and more like the soul of Bangladesh is calling for help, showing people what evil has befallen them even as as the silent masses are seeing-not seeing. Wake up Bangladesh, wake up people of the world.

  2. Prodip says

    My tears are pouring on the scene. Can not convince insight, why this demon could not be crushed, what are the use of the state and it function where free thinkers are living under the sword of the homicidal maniac. Also, its a great obscurity to me, why government ‘s people and its higher authority Prime Minister are pursuits silence. Are they in the ambivalent ??? Bigots are raving in the social site while government are magnifying the criminals. I am utterly confused.

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