Don’t be so stupid, Turkey!


The 13th-century Church of Hagia Sophia in the Black Sea city of Trabzon, which has been a museum and contains irreplaceable examples of its time period – will be converted to a mosque.

There is also a plan to rebuild a mosque on the ruins of Istanbul’s St. John Studios Monastery. The Monastery was founded in Constantinople in the middle of the fifth century.

Someone told the truth:

“Islamic supremacists regard the pre-Islamic past of any Muslim country as worthless trash … not to be preserved for its archaeological value, but effaced as an insult to Islam. This is the same impulse that led to the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan.”

Ah! Don’t be so stupid, Turkey. You have been considered most secular among all Muslim countries. Now you want to be labelled as an insane! There is no pride being like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan! Ignorant Islamists in those countries destroy the history. As if nothing existed before Islam.
Don’t turn museums into mosques. You have no lack of mosques. Don’t try to wipe out history. History will not forgive you.


  1. whatashame says

    Don’t try to wipe out history. History will not forgive you.

    Sure it will. Outside a few scholars and some right-wing Western Christians trying to pull the “see what Islamists are doing?” card, few people (like yourself) will care, unfortunately.

  2. left0ver1under says

    The history of Palestinian villages and towns is being wiped out systematically. The goal is to deny the existence and past of the Palestinians, to prevent claims that they ever lived there. Turkey is doing the same thing, except the Turkish muslims are doing it to themselves.

    Santayana is going to need another corollary:
    Those who destroy the past are doomed not to have a future.

  3. Anmol says

    Fanatic bastards…they think there was nothing before Islam…if this cursed religion is not curbed, there won’t be anything after Islam…

    Islam is the religion of invaders…Fired by religious enthusiasm, they conquered much of the world from Spain to the Indus valley and beyond…

    Islam doesn’t believe in coexistence with other religion….hence everybody unite and boycott them…push them back to their muslim countries….i.e. UAE, Afg, Pak etc.

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