Covid finally catches me

Last Tuesday night (ie., a week ago), I started a cough and felt that I had a fever so I took a test on Wednesday morning that confirmed that I had Covid. I am pretty sure that I know how I got it. I have been very conscientious about wearing my N95 mask in all indoor public settings but on New Year’s Eve I attended a party. While I wore my mask almost all the time, I removed it to eat and I expect that that was when the virus snuck in. My symptoms started three days after that event. I have been isolating myself since then.

My symptoms were mild. In addition to the slight cough, I had a fever of about 101F. Three days after my test, by Friday, my fever had gone and I felt back to normal but I will continue to isolate for another week just to make sure that I am not contagious. Friends and neighbors who became aware that I have Covid have been very generous with offers of food and to run errands.

I am now part of the nearly 700 million people globally who have had the virus. I wrote earlier about the kinds of personal risk-benefit calculations one makes. I had on a few occasions removed my mask in indoor public spaces in order to eat and had not caught Covid. But it is always a gamble. You can reduce the risk by taking precautions but can never make it zero.


  1. moarscienceplz says

    I am glad you had only mild symptoms, Mano.
    My bookstore was pretty crowded during the last half of December, with only about 1/3 of the customers masking up, but I seem to have made it through uninfected, and I don’t think any of my workmates got it either.

  2. billseymour says

    Sorry to hear that you got the bug, Mano. I hope the symptoms stay mild for you and go away shortly.

    I’ve been fortunate so far. I always wear my N95 whenever I leave my apartment, and I don’t go to restaurants or attend parties. I do have to go to the grocery store, and I almost never see anyone else wearing a mask, but I’m usually able to keep my distance from others. I’ve had four Pfizer shots and will be getting the fifth on Thursday. COVID’s not over!

  3. sonofrojblake says

    Good to know your symptoms were mild -- it’s a lottery, even when vaccinated. Get well soon.

  4. DonDueed says

    Well, darn. That has to be disappointing, especially after taking more-than-average precautions. Hope it clears up quickly.

  5. Rob Grigjanis says

    In November, my mum had to go to the hospital for a few hours for some tests. In the next few days, everyone in the house (five people at the time; younger sis was there to help with mum’s care) tested positive, and proceeded to get sick. Same symptoms (fatigue, diarrhoea), lasting about a week. Unfortunately, mum had to go back to hospital for a few days because we couldn’t keep her hydrated.

    Bit of a pain in the arse (so to speak) for me as well, since I was (am) in recovery from recent knee replacement surgery.

    On the bright side; we’d all had four shots, and catching it probably upped our immunity for a while. We’ve never given up on the masks in public, and won’t for the foreseeable future.

  6. Matt G says

    Feel better soon, Mano! I’m one of the few people I know who have never had it (or did but never knew (despite frequent testing)). A colleague just caught it for the first time (not up-to-date on her boosters…) and received Paxlovid. I read just yesterday that it is a very effective drug, but very underused. It seems to be helping her, but nausea has been a problem.

  7. Shanti says

    Covid now just like the flu cannot be prevented even with being careful so we have to accept it as another virus. Vaccines though not a preventive have helped as symptoms milder which is a relief,
    Glad you are recovering and on the mend and feel better

  8. rup says

    Glad you are ok. I personally don’t think that the N95 mask will provide 100% protection It is not designed to and will let through tiny particles of matter. However, they will probably protection someone from you if you have the disease. So, you can’t be certan that you got it when you took it off to eat.

  9. Deepak Shetty says

    Good that your case was mild. Yeah as @11 says , I remember reading that masks help others from catching from you but because the entry for the virus can also be through eyes not just the nasal passage- you arent that much more protected in crowded place with a mask (and you need an n95, properly positioned and fitted unlike quote a few who seem to think the mask should be below their nose.
    I finally caught it from my children (who caught it from school) mid last year, having somehow managed to avoid it in a crowded flight and crowded locations .

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