Vicious union busting tactics

Big companies like Amazon, despite making huge profits for its owners and shareholders, fight tooth-and-nail to prevent their employees from forming unions that could help provide better pay and working conditions.

In another excellent episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver describes the lengths the companies will go to fight unionization.


  1. DrVanNostrand says

    I worked at Menards, a midwestern hardware chain run by hard right wingers, in high school. Monthly anti-union propaganda meetings were part of the job. And as far as I could tell, no one was even agitating to start a union. They were prophylactic meetings. And, it was strongly implied, if not explicitly threatened, that union activity would result in closing our branch.

  2. jrkrideau says

    @ 1 DrVanNostrand

    IIRC back in the 1990’s Walmart had a store in Québec where the automotive shop unionized. Walmart closed the store. I do not remember hearing any loud lamentations.

    Heck, probably the local Chamber of Commerce funded the union organizers.

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