Trump picks a fight with Major League Baseball

The decision by Major League Baseball to pull the big All Star game from Atlanta in protest against Georgia’s passing of restrictive voting laws has provided Trump with another culture war to fight about, since those wars are all he has.

Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson led rightwing backlash after Major League Baseball said it would not play its All-Star game in Georgia because of a new law that restricts voting rights in the state.

The former president and the Fox News host some say is his Republican political heir thereby ranged themselves against current president Joe Biden and the Democrat he served as vice-president, Barack Obama.

“Baseball is already losing tremendous numbers of fans,” Trump said in a statement, “and now they leave Atlanta with their All-Star Game because they are afraid of the radical left Democrats.

“… Boycott baseball and all of the woke companies that are interfering with free and fair elections. Are you listening Coke, Delta and all?”

Coke and Delta are among companies which have expressed concern over the Georgia law, which restricts early and mail-in voting, measures seen to target minority voters likely to back Democrats.

I think that Trump is making a mistake by picking this particular battle. Previous attempts by conservatives to boycott basketball and football because of their support of protests against police brutality and systemic racism went nowhere. While baseball’s players and fanbase skew more white than the other two sports, I think that this boycott move will also fizzle because Americans love their sports and their junk food too much.


  1. johnson catman says

    The Orange Toddler-Tyrant would try to pick a fight with anyone if it would provide him with a platform to spout his oral diarrhea. He is seeking the attention that he commanded when he had the media as a captive audience. I hope it really angers him that many people just don’t have any interest in him at all other than to rejoice in his absence.

  2. larpar says

    I kind of lost interest in baseball after the Cubs won the World Series. The last few years I haven’t started paying attention until September, and only if the Cubs are still in contention.
    Now, I have to start paying attention now.
    Play ball!

  3. RS says

    No, he needs to be in limelight and picking up fights with MLB just provides that. It doesn’t matter what the fight is about. He will become irrelevant soon if he stop picking up fights.

  4. publicola says

    It’s good that Comrade Trumpski picked this fight, because it will just make the Left more determined to defeat him and his flying monkeys.

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