The Trump mob begins to eat its own

The Trump cult members are turning on Republicans who they think are insufficiently loyal to their Dear Leader. Astonishingly, here is a mob at the Washington airport attacking Lindsey Graham, one of the most loyal of toadies. Apparently it was so bad that he decided not to take a flight

Now that it is all over for Trump, we will see him and his cult following attack those whom they think have been insufficiently cult-like. Here Republican Mitt Romney gets a taste of it while waiting for his flight from Utah to Washington DC. This was even before the riot.

And here is Republican senator Todd Young of Indiana getting an earful on the day of the riot

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.


  1. raven says

    One of their newest enemies is Vice President Pence.
    Parts of the mob within the Capitol building were looking for VP Pence.
    To do what, I don’t know but if they found him, he might have been killed.

    His crime is, near as I can tell, to not try to overthrow the US government and make Trump dictator for life.

    Trump himself has turned on Pence.

    Trump tells Pence ‘I don’t want to be your friend’: WSJ

    1 day ago — Overtures of friendship may not have mattered as much to Pence after Wednesday, when Trump seemed to try to turn his supporters on the vice …

  2. raven says

    Trump ‘hates Melania’s Mar-a-Lago renovations and orders … › news › trump-hates-melanias-mar-a-l…

    Dec 29, 2020 — Trump ‘hates Melania’s Mar-a-Lago renovations and orders new … over Melania’s renovations at Mar-a-Lago and ordered the new décor to be ripped up…

    Another of Trump’s ex-friends might be his wife, Melania.
    He had her renovations at their home Mar-a-Lago torn out.

    It wouldn’t be the first time.
    She is his third wife after all.

    From my safe distance 3,000 miles away, it looks like Trump is becoming more moody and hostile to everyone around him, employees, friends, and perhaps even his family.
    This is not a sign of a mentally well person.

  3. raven says
    Who the mob intended to use the cuffs on remained unclear as of this writing. At the time, people known to be in the Capitol included law enforcement, news media, the vice president, members of Congress, and other Capitol staffers.

    Jim Bourg, a Reuters news pictures editor who was at the Capitol that day, tweeted that he heard at least three rioters say they “hoped to find Vice President Mike Pence and execute him by hanging him from a Capitol Hill tree as a traitor.” U.S. President Donald Trump had negatively tweeted about Pence just prior to the riots, saying he lacked the “courage” to overturn the election.

    Several of the terrorists who entered the Capitol building were carrying plastic handcuffs.

    The targets were probably VP Pence and anyone not wearing tactical gear, helmets, or MAGA hats.

    If this event had gone a little bit differently, quite a few people might have ended up dead including a lot of our elected leaders.
    I looked at some of the photos and the US Capitol is full of flammable materials. A gallon of gas and a match would make it look like the old Reichstag building, burned in 1933.

  4. Matt G says

    We are going to learn a lot about these criminals. They will be painted as extremist dead-enders, but already we know some are elected officials, in law enforcement, etc. And then, who organized and financed? Republican AG’s among others?

  5. says

    Toadies who suck up to people while they’re wiping their boots on others should realize that some day the boot may get wipes on them. It’s not complicated philosomacation, it ought to be obvious to even a novice toady. A deeply experienced toady like Graham will have seen this before -- he just gambled that he was special.

  6. says

    When the the more loathsome reddit users started going to a place called Voat I started thinking in terms of groups concentrating toxic behaviors. It’s useful. I don’t like it but better pointed at each other. Hopefully there is a way to get their feelings attached to more useful things.

  7. birgerjohansson says

    If they start turning on each other I will help handing out axe handles…
    Evil cults are evil…what a surprise.

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