God is punking Pat Robertson again

Pat says he has received word from his god that the Holy Spirit is going to do something dramatic before January 6th to change the results of the election so as to keep Trump as president.

This is the latest in a long, long list of predictions that never come true. I wonder how long it will take for Pat to cotton on the fact that his god is a prankster who likes making him look like a fool by feeding him nonsensical predictions.

Or perhaps the question should be how long it will be before Robertson’s viewers cotton on the fact that he is just stringing them along so that they will send him money.


  1. Holms says

    Wasn’t he telling Trump to let go of the presidency just a couple of weeks ago? And that Trump’s insistence that he won was a fantasy world? I guess Pat’s moment of accuracy was just a fluke.

  2. Ridana says

    Well, obviously god changed his mind after hearing all those prayers asking him to make the election fraudulent after all!

  3. Matt G says

    Pat has also made pro-evolution comments, but I’m he has contradicted himself on that one too.

  4. Bruce says

    As Pat’s viewers haven’t caught on yet, the more logical idea is that they never will.
    Pat acts like he knows this is so.

  5. some bastard on the internet says

    So, Pat says something “dramatic” will happen.

    Republicans have been injecting drama into the entire election process since the campaigning started.

    This isn’t prophecy, it’s pattern recognition.

  6. says

    Sam Kinison’s bit about Pat Robertson was one of his better ones.

    “The lord woke Pat Robertson up and said ‘I want you to run for president’ aaahahaahahhaahhahahah I got bored. Next I’m going to tell him to go check his tire pressure! Aaahaahahahhaah look at him run!”

  7. benedic says

    Why do the United States lead the market in producing Elmer Gantry’s in 52 varieties.
    Isn’t their taking of money for non existent work a criminal offence? Why not, if not?

  8. mailliw says

    What exactly is the role of the holy spirit?

    I was puzzled until I want to Rome and saw the Banco di Santo Spirito.

    Ah, so that’s it, the holy ghost is God’s finance broker on earth.

    This might also explain why all the Vatican guards are Swiss.

  9. mailliw says

    Robertson doesn’t really know the New Testament very well.

    The holy ghost doesn’t show up until Whit Sunday, which will be far too late to influence the result of the election.

    The three kings are supposed to arrive on 6th January, but as they are from the Orient they will probably be refused entry to the US as illegal immigrants.

    Christians should understand the dangers of COVID. When 13 people from different households had supper together, one of them ended up dead.

  10. Ichthyic says

    “the Holy Spirit is going to do something dramatic before January 6th”

    evidently that something was to give the Senate to the Dems.


    fuck you, Roberston.

    and very much fuck you, and GOODBYE, to that fucking rotten piece of shit blocking the drain… Mitch McConnel.

  11. Andrew Nyirenda says

    Pat, are you really a Christian? You don’t have the power to condemn anyone. I have been following you for the past ten or more years. You don’t like people of colours. You hated Obama so much that you even predicted that he was not going to win second term. There, he surprised you. You don’t like Demos because it has many people of colour. I don’t like listening or watching anymore. Your son, Gordon does a better job than you. Votes were not stolen as your outgoing president claims.

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