However did they figure that out?

We know that big companies collect vast amounts of data on us based on our online presence and know our likes and dislikes in the minutest detail. So it is not surprising when we get emails recommending products for us to buy. But I was struck by an email I got from Amazon recently that said “Hello, Mano Singham, We have found something you might like.”

And the recommendation was … my own book.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    Do you feel safer knowing that Trump™ will ban Tik-Tok, or at least privateer it for an American company, so that you won’t get a sales pitch for a (prospective) Chinese-language version of your book?

  2. komarov says

    Those must be some of the latest generation marketing automata. Normally they just try to sell stuff one has already bought. Recommending things someone sells (even indirectly) is surely a huge technological leap and someone must be very proud of themselves. Of course it might also be hell for anyone running an online shop on sites like Amazon. Especially if the advertisement is effective…

    Re: #5:

    Hey, it’s not piracy! It’s a legitimate business transaction between legitimate business men. Or else…

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