Seth Meyers on Trump and the police reaction to the protests

He says that the police are lashing out violently because the protests have had an impact. More and more people are coming out for the demonstrations and public opinion is overwhelmingly in favor of the protestors.

He also emphasizes that the rising stock market reveals what many of us have been saying for years, that the stock market has no relationship to the lives of most people but is just something that measures the how well the wealthy are doing. And it appears that they are doing very well indeed despite the pandemic and the turmoil.


  1. Ridana says

    Of course the stock market is rising. The billionaires who’ve made bank on the pandemic have to invest their money somewhere. Stocks were lower than normal, interest rates are in the toilet, and you can only buy so many mansions and yachts (even Cruella DeVos must have her limit) and other overpriced displays of wealth, so now they’re buying up those bargain stocks to have even greater control over those companies.

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