Bloomberg and Biden both lied about stop and frisk

The stop and frisk policy in New York City while Michael Bloomberg was mayor was blatantly racist and Bloomberg is getting a lot of grief for it now that he is running for president as a Democrat. In the debate, he claimed that when he realized that it was not working as he intended it and was out of control, he put a stop to it. Joe Biden said that that was wrong and that it was the Obama administration that ordered a stop to it.

They are both rewriting history to escape culpability and to make themselves look good or, in Bloomberg’s case, not as awful. Biden has a habit of claiming that every good thing that happened during the Obama administration was due to his active involvement on that issue, starting his comments with the emphatic assertion “I was the one who actually got this done!”

In this clip we see Shira Scheindlin, the federal judge who was the one who actually ordered that the stop and frisk policy be stopped, unequivocally calls them both out for their falsehoods.


  1. Steve Cameron says

    She has the same last name as TV’s Judge Judy, who is from New York. I wonder if they’re related? I’ve always admired Judge Judy, and now Judge Shira too. (Kind of off-topic, but it really struck me)

  2. Steve Cameron says

    I just looked up her Wikipedia entry, where they make a point of mentioning they’re not related. Oh well…

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