The carbon bucket will soon overflow

A graphic from the Global Carbon Project vividly illustrates how close we are to a tipping point in climate change.


  1. Who Cares says

    @Marcus Ranum(#1):
    I was going to ask why since I was under the impression that burning methane/natural gas would reduce CO2 emissions (or their equivalent of other greenhouse gasses).
    Then I found this page about it.
    The loss during production and transport needing to be less then 3.2% (in a range of 1% to 9%) if we want to use methane to reduce. Bit of an eye opener.
    So thank you for getting me of my lazy behind.

  2. says

    The Trump administration has also rolled back controls on methane emitters -- i.e.: sloppy frackers. So now there’s even more greehouse gases going into the atmosphere, unmeasured.

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