Samantha Bee updates us on impeachment

I have to say that I find the whole thing utterly depressing, especially watching the craven subservience of the Republicans to Donald Trump. To add to that is the fact that Democrats are now painting a picture of the FBI as if it were an impartial, purely investigative body of great integrity and ignoring its ugly history of multiple violations of people’s civil rights and outright racism, even if it may or may not have done bad things in this particular case.


  1. Who Cares says

    For me as an outsider (that is European, no US citizenship) the current process is a circus. It is not a means to fire Trump from his job but to attack the enemy and the enemy are the democrats/republicans, pick the one you are not a tribal member of.
    Worse. It seems the only reason the democrats have gone this route is because Trump dared to touch Biden who is going to be their next presidential candidate. Not because he has done something that (the) US (presidents) have been doing since I’ve been aware of there being US presidents. There have been (to me) quite a few things earlier in Trumps tenure that would have formed a better basis for starting this.

  2. says

    Now I have another video to add to my list of videos I’ll watch after 14th December. I wonder if YouTube will experience a noticeable upsurge if traffic once the boycott is over.

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