Advice for people if they are questioned by the police

Two lawyers who call themselves the Pot Brothers At Law give advice on what you should do if you are in the marijuana business and get questioned by the police. Their advice is applicable to almost any police questioning situation actually, not just those that are pot-related. (Language advisory)

I believe that the reasoning behind their advice is that when people talk, they tend to say things that are incorrect or mistaken and then they can get charged with lying to law enforcement and that charge can be used to put pressure on them to admit to other things.

(Via Rob Beschizza)


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    And should you get stopped by the police for speeding, don’t talk them into appearing in a video with you playing your wrestling persona or it will inspire three days of hand wringing and pearl clutching until the RCMP are forced to issue a statement that everything is fine, she didn’t really disrespect the cop giving her the ticket.

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