What took you so long, Gregory?

Donald Trump’s special black friend has left the Republican party because of Trump’s and the party’s racism. In response to this news Trump does his usual routine, first saying that he has never heard of the guy and then when immediately confronted with the facts, blathers on about how popular he is with black voters.

Gregory Cheadle, the black man President Donald Trump once described at a rally as “my African American,” is fed up.

Cheadle became widely known in June 2016 when Trump, then a presidential candidate, pointed to him at a rally in Redding, Calif. and said, “Look at my African American over here. Look at him. Are you the greatest?”

Now, the 62-year-old real estate broker, who supported the Republican approach to the economy, said he sees the party as pursuing a “pro-white” agenda and using black people like him as “political pawns.”

“President Trump is a rich guy who is mired in white privilege to the extreme,” said Cheadle, of Redding, Calif., who switched from being an independent to a Republican in 2001. “Republicans are too sheepish to call him out on anything and they are afraid of losing their positions and losing any power themselves.”

Thursday afternoon, when asked by NewsHour on the White House lawn about Cheadle leaving the Republican party, President Trump said he believed he has a lot of support from African American voters.

“We have tremendous African American support,” Trump told NewsHour. “I would say I’m at my all-time high. I don’t think I’ve ever had the support that I’ve had now. I think I’m going to do very well with African Americans. African American support has been the best we’ve had,” Trump claimed in the exchange.

When pressed about whether he thought Cheadle was wrong to say Trump was pursuing a “pro-white” agenda, Trump said he didn’t know who Cheadle was. After NewsHour recalled the 2016 moment to Trump, the president continued to tout his popularity among African American voters.

You have to give Trump credit for his consistency when it comes to brazen lying. It has truly reached sociopathic levels. But you have to wonder why it took Cheadle so long to see what was staring him the face. Just being called ‘my African American’ should have told him that he was being treated with deep condescension, as a token to be used.

Here is the clip where Trump praises Cheadle


  1. bmiller says

    The Republic approach to the economy? OK, dude.

    Sounds like an African American version of a Log Cabin Republican. “I hate taxes. I hate government. I don’t care that they hate me.”

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