How is Trump’s UK visit going?

As expected there were protests with amusing signs. This one was, I thought, quintessentially British, because no one takes tea and biscuits more seriously than they do.

Ryan Bort describes the other ways in which UK residents trolled Trump.

But there were Trump supporters, such as this woman who tried to deflate the Trump baby blimp by stabbing it. She also managed to cut herself in the process of stabbing the blimp but the blimp survived and remained inflated. She smugly boasted about her act but then as soon as the police came to arrest her for attempted blimpicide, she appealed for ‘America’ to come and help her.


  1. Holms says

    Weird, that’s the third time this week that woman has turned up somehow in my internet browsing. And in all cases, she was a troll for Trump.

  2. EigenSprocketUK says

    Content note: the person in the video apparently is Biased Amy (sp), and the video has been published by notorious right-wing rag The Sun. So she received money for the video, and the Sun is profiting from our watching it.
    Also worth overseas readers noting that it is an offence to carry a bladed weapon, added to which she did it premeditating criminal damage (by her own statements). This was no trivial blade: she injured herself in the act before she was arrested, and required three stitches (and she will have been treated for free on the National Health Service). That potential for serious injury and worse is why it’s knife crime over here.
    It’s layer upon layer of hypocrisy with these folk.

  3. Lassi Hippeläinen says

    “…other ways in which UK residents trolled Trump.”
    You insensitive Americans can’t tell the difference between taunting and trolling.

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