Cricket World Cup update

I am sure many of you have been dying to know what has been going on with the World Cup currently being played in the UK, so here’s an update.

There are ten teams in the tournament and the first round consists of a round-robin format with each team playing every other team, with the top four going to the semi-finals. Early betting favors India, England, and Australia (whose cricket organizations comprise the corrupt cartel) making the semi-finals, with England having a slight edge to win the trophy because of home-field advantage. South Africa and New Zealand are vying for the fourth spot.

The first four games were one-sided snooze-fests with England, West Indies, New Zealand, and Australia strolling to easy wins over South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan respectively, with Pakistan and Sri Lanka turning in particularly woeful performances.

But then things came alive with Bangladesh and Pakistan turning in thrilling victories against the more favored South Africa and England. Pakistan is living up to its reputation as the most mercurial of teams, going from pathetic in their first game loss against low-ranked West Indies to looking like world beaters in their second game against top-ranked England. You never know which team is going to turn up for a game, even if the players remain unchanged.

Tomorrow, Afghanistan plays Sri Lanka and has the opportunity to avenge its loss in the 2015 World Cup. India, the 2011 champions, plays its first match on Wednesday against South Africa. The latter team seems to never live up to its potential in these big tournaments and seems to be repeating that history this time too, already losing its first two matches. This makes New Zealand favored to gain the fourth semi-final spot.


  1. blf says

    I watched all but the first few overs of the Pakistan–W.Indies game — admittedly not hard given how short it was — and was flabbergasted at how poorly Pakistan handled the W.Indies bowling. They certainly came back well in the game with England (which I also managed to catch most of, despite a somewhat dodgy stream). It’s good to see W.Indies firing — last I checked, they were technically the current leading World Cup team — albeit my “not part of the corrupt troika” choicewish is still Afghanistan, who — as I type — are having a good go at Sri Lanka, in a an (unfortunately) rain-shortened game…

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