Wait, these are supposed to be bad things?

Via Juanita Jean, I saw that someone named Jesse Lee Patterson Peterson posted the same powerful photograph of six new congresswomen that I had posted a couple of weeks earlier, but with annotations.

When I first saw his additions, I thought they were meant to highlight the fact that these women brought even more diverse backgrounds than I had initially been aware of. But apparently Peterson thinks these are derogatory things that should disqualify them from office. (I notice that he writes for the site World Nut Net Daily, a fount of right-wing insanity, which alone discredits him. Actually, I am surprised that the site is still around.)

What a sad man.


  1. Rob Grigjanis says

    It would be fascinating to see a similar graphic for ‘Old Republican Male “Leadership”‘. A rogues’, scoundrels’ and grifters’ gallery.

  2. ridana says

    The one that’s most baffling to me is “married a single father.” They married (not living in sin), he didn’t abandon his kids (we don’t even know why he was single) -- aren’t those supposed to be good things? oO

  3. raym says

    I made the big mistake of visitng the web site where this was posted. The comments are from a species of subhuman that I had no idea existed.

  4. lanir says

    I don’t get the “married a single father” thing either. Even by their own ridiculous rules this should be a good thing. What exactly was their prescription for what should happen there? Whoops, you’re a single parent, I guess we’ll have to shoot you and your kids? Or maybe just shun you and your progeny for life? And in that case, what happens to the children if they grow up and marry? Are their partners to be shunned as well or does that “fix” the “problem”? How many generations have to go by without a single parent before the victims stop being treated as though they were subhuman?

    If just for the sake of understanding one were to briefly entertain that single parenting is a problem of some sort, how exactly is the single parent supposed to resolve this if marriage isn’t the correct solution?

  5. lanir says

    Oh, and a quick side problem: I don’t really expect the sort of person who posted this to be accurate about the sexuality of people they disagree with. These sorts of fruitloops are more concerned with being derogatory than being accurate, so if they correctly labelled the congresswoman and the congresswoman’s daughter as lesbian I’m sure it’s purely a coincidence.

  6. says

    Clearly the magas think that because these women aren’t abjectly submissive (to them), they can’t be “real” women. Women with independence make their brains explode.

  7. Holms says

    #1 Rob
    Paid a mistress to get an abortion =======>
    Caught by a hot mic calling black people lazy ===>
    Dumped his wife while she was pregnant =========>
    Abandoned his son for being gay ======>
    Believes Earth is <10,000 years old [arrows pointing to 90% of them]
    Paid off by corporate interests [arrows to all of them]
    etc etc

    And regarding the single father thing, it is possible the person is trying to impugn the single father by pointing out he divorced, which is still opposed by catholicism iirc, or never married yet fathered a child. It is highly likely that the person is just a shit person looking for any excuse to idict the character of these women.

  8. alanuk says

    #5 lanir said:
    “How many generations have to go by without a single parent before the victims stop being treated as though they were subhuman?”

    I do not know the answer but your laws say that it takes five generations to breed the ‘black’ out. I think the lady in the green skirt has worse problems than marrying a ‘single’ father.

    BTW that law should be ineffective now but do any states still have it on the statute book?

  9. bargearse says

    Small correction, it’s Jesse Lee Peterson, not Patterson. For those unfamiliar with Jesse Ed Brayton at Dispatches blogs about him fairly frequently. If you’re feeling especially masochistic you can go check out some his more outlandish statements there. He’s completely misogynistic, homophobic and anti-muslim. The complaint about marrying a single father is because he has this belief that children yearn for their natural parents, once you’re married and have kids that’s it, you have to stay together forever. I don’t know what he expects in the case of one partner’s death, I assume the public shunning suggested upthread kicks in.

    As weird and regressive as all his other views are though the strangest thing about him is he’s an outspoken white supremacist, he particularly likes to point out how whites are far to superior to blacks in every way. Considering he’s African American that takes a special sort of self loathing.

  10. johnson catman says

    bargearse @11:

    For those unfamiliar with Jesse Ed Brayton at Dispatches blogs about him fairly frequently.

    Hmmmmm. Where might I have heard that before?

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