1. Owlmirror says

    That doesn’t even touch on the emolument (approval of his trademark) that Trump received from China:


    The WaPo article doesn’t even touch on the point that apparently, a trademark for “Trump” is now (that is, after Trump’s inauguration) in violation of Chinese trademark law.


    The Chinese code lists several categories of prohibited trademarks, along with examples. The eighth category of prohibited trademarks includes those that “harm socialist moral customs or have other ill effects,” including those that have “ill effects related to politics.” This is further defined, under one subcategory, as trademarks that are “the same as or similar to the name of leaders of national, regional, or international political organizations.”

  2. shostakun says

    I really wish there was a news source that basically ignored Trump’s blathering and focused on a consistent basis on what the house, senate, and the merry band of swamp denizens in the administration are actually doing to make people’s live worse. This is a good effort from Oliver, but he sadly highlights some freak show stories rather than anything of real significance.

  3. anat says

    Well, the Florida story was yet another example that homegrown white terrorism is more likely than middle-eastern terrorism.

  4. Jim B says

    I love John Oliver … but I refuse to watch any youtube video titled “So and so DESTROYS so and so”. It don’t care if it is my side which is supposedly doing the destroying or getting destroyed.

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