Trump supporters try to outdo their hero

I can understand those supporters of Donald Trump who try to excuse his recent damaging statements or explain them away. What I find difficult to fathom are those who think the best way of neutralizing the damage is to be even more extreme than him. Take a look at some of the shirts being worn by people at Trump rallies and you cannot help but be appalled. Below are two of them.



Trump has mainstreamed the most obnoxious of sentiments. Jordan Klepper attended a Trump rally in Pennsylvania and talked to some Trump fans and they reinforce this impression.


  1. lorn says

    The “cunt” one doesn’t bother me much. Polite words, rude words; they are all still just words.

    The much more common one about jailing Clinton bothers me far more because it demonstrates an intention to inflict extra-judicial punishment upon someone primarily because they are a political opponent who happens to disagree with what your political views. That is something you see in banana republics with strutting tyrants.

    The one with the arrow is just sad. An advertised willingness to debase oneself to a deranged sociopath isn’t something you want to be known for. I think she may, in the not too distant future, may regret that bit of political art and the fact that it is, for all intents and purposes, now associated with her. Hopefully nobody bothers to attach a name with that photo. Imagine that coming up in a Google search by a prospective employer. Depending on the job ( administrative assistant versus school teacher) different conclusions may be drawn. None of those conclusions are positive.

  2. keithb says

    What is ironic is that the lady with the arrow has explicitly given consent to Trump, so it is perfectly fine, crude perhaps, but not assault.

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