Why some elites don’t worry about Trump

In this clip from mid-September when Trump was ascendant, Samantha Bee argues that many elites, especially in the media, do not see the danger of Donald Trump’s rhetoric because they belong to a class that will not be harmed, though even that is becoming an increasingly dubious assumption given the escalation of his rhetoric.


  1. Chiroptera says

    I wonder how many elites are can feel comfortable opposing the US government doing anything to mitigate global climate change because they think their money will be able to get them through any disaster? (At least any disaster they can forsee.)

  2. Jockaira says

    The billionaires and their less-fortunate hangers-on will always have enough money to deal with AGW and lesser crises, even to the point that it will not impact significantly on their own lives and most of their descendants. But here’s the kicker—the vast majority of human populations are not in that favored position and will, when things get really desperate, take by force what they can to ensure their continued survival. In the most dire circumstances, even battalions of mercenaries will not be enough to hold onto their wealth and favored privileges. The French revolution of 1790? is an excellent example of such.

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