Parody of any TED talk

I have been getting increasingly disenchanted with TED talks. I keep getting sent links to them by people because the speaker supposedly says something interesting but quite often I find the talks to consist of overhyping something banal or exercises in self-promotion. I hear that the speakers are extensively coached and assisted in giving polished presentations which may explain why the talks seem to impress people more than is perhaps warranted.

Hence I was amused by this parody of TED talks by Pat Kelly of the CBC program This is That that reveals the formula used for the talks.


  1. lanir says

    I think some (if not all) of those are fairly generic presentation tricks. But since the goal of the TED talks is generally the same (to present an idea) and they’re the same length it makes sense that there would be strong patterns.

  2. NotaTedbooster says

    The goal of Ted talks is ultimately to convince the attendees that they didn’t just blow a couple hundred (TedX) to six thousand (Ted) to seventeen thousand dollars (Ted donor level) to attend the Ted talk, and to leave them wanting to shell out for more Ted talks.

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